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JRP Studio is a Fine Art Print Studio, created with one main focus...quality.
Having run our own photography studio for 12 years, we have worked with some of the best printers, editors and print industry specialists in Australia. We have developed our style and service to offer high quality artwork reproductions through specialised processes and materials in support of professional photographers and artists.

Our Service

This is our process for artists:

I. Bring your Original Artwork to the Studio

If you don't already have your Original Artwork saved as a digital file, bring your original Artwork into the studio where we will carefully photograph it under controlled conditions. We prefer to photograph rather than scanning, so there is no physical contact with delicate originals.

II. File Creation and Test Print

Once the original artwork has been shot, the files are stitched, colour corrected and resized in photoshop to create a Master File ready for test printing on your chosen Museum Grade Archival Fine-Art Paper. We then compare the test print with your original under the same lighting conditions and fine tune your file where needed. Your original Artwork is now ready for you take home again.

III. Print

Your Master File is now saved in your Personal Print Folder here in the studio, ready to print when ever you need a reproduction. At this stage we also create a Web Compressed version, and email this to you to share across your Socials. Prints can be picked up from the Studio or we can safely Package and freight directly to your door!

What we offer

Professional Edit + Calibration

We offer an 'In House' edit and develop service for our photographer clients for their image preparation for print. Using calibrated Eizo monitors, Canson paper profiles and 12 years of developing experience we ensure a premium print result.


Canon Professional Printing

After 12 years of using Canon camera bodies and their L series lens range, the professional A2 and large format printer was the natural progression. It enables us to finish our craft in the highest quality possible, delivering exceptional quality printing.

A4 to Large Format

Canson Fine Art Paper

CansonĀ® Infinity encompasses a range of Digital Fine Art media that exceeds the ISO 9706 museum grade standard and that has been developed to meet galleries and museum's longevity requirements. Meaning your print will last for generations.

EST. 1557

We print with one aim...quality.

Archival Print

Our A4-A2 Canon Printer uses a 12-pigment ink system and can precisely place an astounding 32,256,000 ink droplets per second. It can create remarkable reproductions of photos and fine art, with seamless gradations and exceptional detail.

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